The Drift 101 experience is a one of a kind, exciting experience, and one worth sharing with others. After you complete your drift lessons, you are left with a sense of accomplishment, from learning a new skill and rush of adrenaline. So don’t just tell your friends and family, but show them.

As part of the Drift 101 experience, you have the choice to add the Drift 101 Video package. This includes a dedicated videographer who will capture your entire experience, making sure to document your progress throughout the drift class. The package also includes a video highlight of the experience that you can later share with your friends and family digitally on your favorite social media channels, or through email. Heck even throw it on a TV for a presentation.

Why is the Video Package a good idea?

The Drift 101 Video package is a great idea because you won’t miss a moment. When your in a Drift 101 class, your mindset shifts. You’re in a zone of focus, where you’re not thinking of getting the perfect selfie, or setting up for the “Kodak Moment” drift shot. But your dedicated videographer is. That’s what they’re there for. They will encapsulate the entire experience, capturing your best drifts, your aha moments. Plus they are trained motorsport videographers so they know how to make you shine.

How do I Get My Video Package?

At the time of purchase of your Drift 101 class, you will receive a confirmation email. That will put you in contact with the Drift 101 staff. Just mention that you want to add the Video Package to your class, or email

Drift 101 Student Driver: Subaru BRZ

At Drift 101 you can learn in one of our many Drift Rentals, OR you can learn to drift in your own vehicle. Like this student who learned how to control his very own Subaru BRZ. Check out to book your drift lesson.

Posted by Drift 101 on Monday, 30 December 2019
Drift 101 Video Package Sample

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