Drift 101 offers the most comprehensive class on the planet. With over 15 years of experience, we have developed multiple techniques that teach anyone how to drift and control their car. This is not an “experience” nor do we make the class easy for everyone. We offer a true 1-on-1 lesson, custom-catered to every individual based on their previous driving experience and learning ability. Whether you are a stunt performer, rally driver, road racer, or a driver with no experience, we know what works for you.

We are the only Drifting school in the world that offers this custom class specifically designed to each person. Nothing is predetermined for the student until we understand what the individual’s goals are.

We specialize in the following type of students:

  • Engineer or methodical thinking individuals. We know how you think. Let us prove it.
  • Stunt performers. Drift 101 is the only Drifting school in the U.S that is active in cinematic production.
  • Drivers who plan to purchase a vehicle and drift on a regular basis.
  • Individuals who want to learn at their pace. You will never feel pressured or rushed.

We love drifting, which is why we have developed great relationships over the years. To this day, we have students who return for their 9th-10th lesson.

– Drift 101

No student should be doing donuts all day or drifting on artificial wet-downs. Try our school and find out your true potential!


Prices:  From $600-$1050

Drift 101 provides the United States’ premiere single-day drifting instructional course taught by the best instructors in the country. Drift 101 is specially designed for first-time drivers and amateurs looking to take their driving skills to the next level. If drivers prefer to use their own cars, to get the most of your day, it is important that the vehicle is prepared for drifting (Limited Slip Differential, extra set of wheels, and suspension with some adjustability). If the driver does not have a properly equipped vehicle, we strongly suggest that you include one of our specially built rental cars in your package.

  • $600.00 for 1-day of lessons only (without our rental car)
  • $1050.00 for 1-day class with standard rental car.
  • $650.00 for a half day of lessons with rental car.


Prices:  Starting as low as $950.00 per day.

The Drift 101 2-day class is offered to students who are looking for the full drift experience. The class is a continuation of Drift 101 single day and takes the skills learned at that level and applies them towards advanced driving and drifting techniques. This is a highly recommended option for those students who are looking to learn every aspect of drifting and walk away having confidently learned and put to practice the skills they acquired after taking our 2-day class.

  • $1,900.00 for 2-day class with standard rental car.
  • $3,500.00 for 2-day class for 2 students with 2 standard rental cars.


Drift 101 offers the following optional add-ons to your class.

  • $500.00 for 1-day of filming and editing of your experience.  Sample video can be seen here DRIFT101video
  • $850.00 for 2-days of filming


Drift 101 offers private lessons for students looking for personalized lessons for specific needs. We are uniquely positioned to offer tips and technical support for drivers that need some fine-tuning with their drifting knowledge, experience, and abilities. Additionally, group lessons for up to 10 people are available. Please email us and we will work with you to accommodate your specific needs and goals.


  • Call or email info@drift101.com for info.


All certificates are valid for 1-year upon the date of purchase.